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How Women Control Men

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Women Control MenThe video you are about to watch is a perfect example of how women have complete control over men.

It’s simple, it’s effective, and women know they have it but seem to deny it.

Strange things happen when women engage us in anything sexual.

We lose our minds and DO AS YOU WISH. 

And it’s not that we don’t want to… it’s why we do it.

Yes, we can beat it, it’s not complete mind control but women are extremely effective.

We do what you say when you say when it’s tied to sex (or something having to do with it)…

Watch the video…

YouTube Preview Image

My question to the ladies out there.

Do you know you have this and do you use it as blatantly as the girl did in the video?

I’m curious if you do it on purpose then become two faced and point the finger at us being pigs or whatever name you call us.

But with that being said let me discuss a few concepts that aren’t really talked about but are used either intentionally or unintentionally by all of us.

Women are training us guys like dogs…

Here’s what I mean.

As men we respond to certain things in a certain way.  As an example, if you take the last post I wrote about what boobs do to us you would notice that we respond in a certain way when we see the boobies.  We essentially go mindless.

In the same way, I believe women have trained us in certain ways to get things done around the house, to do things for them, and to get what they want.  And I’ll say this, there’s nothing wrong with it because we do the same thing.  But let’s bring some awareness to it.

First, here’s an excerpt from a book on dog training that was used by a women to train her husband’s behavior.

A young woman married a man who turned out to be very bossy and demanding.  Worse yet, his father, who lived with them, was equally given to ordering his daughter-in-law about.  It was the girl’s mother who told me this story.  On her first visit she was horrified at what the daughter said, “wait and see.”  The daughter formed a practice of responding minimally to commands and harsh remarks, while reinforcing with approval and affection any tendency by either man to be pleasant or thoughtful.  In a year she had turned them into decent human beings.  Now they greet her with smiles when she comes home and leap up – both of them – to help with the groceries.

Source:  Don’t Shoot The Dog!:  The New Art Of Teaching And Training by Karen Pryor

I don’t know if the story is true but it is a fantastic book to give you ideas on how to covertly train people… Including your spouse.  But I’ll leave that for another post.

How do you think women train us.

I’ll start by giving you an example in my life.  I’m working in my office.  I’m totally in the zone writing and thinking.  My wife walks in and I barely notice her.  She gives me the “stun-flash” and I lose the zone and all thoughts.  She now has my attention.

The “stun-flash” has happened enough times now that I hardly hesitate anymore to give her my attention when I’m working.  That works great for her because she gets my attention.  She gets what she wants.  But it doesn’t work so great for me because it breaks my concentration.  And the thing about it, is I hardly have any REAL control over it.

It just happens.

Where else do you think this is happening in our lives.  Where else do you think this is happening in the office, at home, out at the ball field.  With men, that’s why sex sells.  Ads are often designed with sexy women because they know men will stop on a dime.

Here’s another example from a recent Superbowl ad from Go Daddy.

Now knowing what’s going on I hope that we can all be more aware of the influence and control women have over us guys.  I’m not denying that it might happen the other way around too but it probably won’t have anything to do with our bodies or sex.

What Can I Get For $50?

I’ve been privy to a few married conversations that went like this.

She says, “Hey honey, can I have $50 to go get some clothes?”

“We don’t really have it.  Let’s wait till next payday.”

She says, “If that’s how long you want to wait for a BJ, that’s fine.”

“Ok, let me go get the money out of the ATM.”

Is that abuse… LOL, maybe, maybe not.

It does demonstrate a couple of things though.  One the lady in that relationship doesn’t feel comfortable just using the money in the household.  Second, she’s using what she knows will work on her husband.  I’m not saying either is right or wrong, only what I heard.  Maybe it was a joke.  I don’t know but at least now we’re aware of this sort of thing going on.

Here’s one more video that demonstrates what I’m talking about but it’s not the Doritos…

YouTube Preview Image

With that being said I will leave you.

As always leave comments if you agree, disagree, or want our team to cover a specific topic.




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