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North Carolina Amendment One

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Political Issue? Religious Concern? Bigotry?

Today I felt compelled to release an unscheduled post. Jay has also released a post on the same topic and asked that I provide a more political view to the issue at hand, North Carolina Amendment One.

For those of you not familiar or residing out of the North Carolina area, North Carolina Amendment One is the stare constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage within the state of North Carolina. The amendment passed as of Tuesday, May 8th 2012.

I have many questions regarding the issue and no answers. I can see it from each side, I understand the why it is important, and I get that each side has made up “facts”about the issue. It is undeniable this is an emotionally charged issue, but I ask that we take a step back and look at two facets and this unusual gem.

Is There a Solution?

First, is there a possible solution? I have no idea, but I desperately want our readers to join in the conversation. Please, let me know if there is one, has there ever been one, or can a possible solution be conceived that could satisfy both sides of the argument? I truly don’t know and with all of the vitriol surrounding the dialog, it is impossible for me to get a real grip on weather it has ever been discussed.

I keep getting the feeling that we are fighting over a word and I want input on this. Is it the word “marriage” that gets everybody’s panties in the proverbial twist? If so, is there another way? Rather than suggest that one side is wrong and the other is right, can we work together to create a solution palatable to both sides?

I ask because there always seems to be something we can all agree upon. I spent six years serving in the military in a foreign country. When I first arrived on station the “old heads” gave me an overview of the area and the local people. For quite a while I took their “information” as being the truth about the situation. Once I began to see things as they were and not as I was told, I found the people to be no different than me and my family. I have that same feeling here. Am I getting all of the information and is it correct? I don’t think so on either count.

Where is the middle ground and why are we yelling at each other about it? And another thing, why have many prominent people remained above the fray? In a recent article, I read that many leaders in the Gay & Lesbian community have remained silent during this heated battle. Why? What do they know that the rest of us don’t. It just doesn’t feel right to me and I don’t think we have all of the pieces. Please jump into the conversation and let me know.

Looking from every angle, one thing keeps coming up and I find it very funny. The military has gone through a similar evolution over the last few decades. Should we allow Gays and Lesbians to serve in the military? Then there was “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and now open service. I have a news flash for everyone. There were Gays in the military prior to any regulations regarding them. There always have been and always will be. Now consider the same here in North Carolina. I have several Gay and Lesbian friends, they aren’t going to run screaming for the state boarders just because of this new amendment. In fact, (and here is the funny part) for them, nothing changed. They couldn’t marry before and they can’t marry now. So what did we really change? I mean really?

The Political Bullshit!

Second, the pure political bullshit smells like a seven day old port-a-john at an outdoor rock festival in July. You have got to be kidding me. Our President announces his thoughts on same sex marriage the day after the amendment in North Carolina passes. REALLY! Am I the only one who smells this shit? The day after? Oh wait, it gets better. Vice President, Joe Biden, has offered an apology to the President for releasing this information early. What? It seems that President Obama was going to take a stance in favor of same sex marriages but wanted to do so closer to the election. This is like a fart in a car. You can’t even escape the smell of this one. Roll the windows down and hope for fresh air!

If President Obama has reached a decision with regard to his stance on same sex marriage, fine. Why wait to give us his insights. One reason only, political. He was hoping to gain the votes of the Gay and Lesbian community. Why do I put it this way? Easy, if he really wanted to take a stand and prove that he was for same sex marriage, he would have jumped in and supported it prior to the amendment vote. However he waited for the day after and only because his side kick spilled the beans. There is no disputing that he had his thoughts all sorted out and shared them with his staff. I find it repugnant that our leader chose not to lead. Instead he opted for political gain. I ask you to consider this when casting your next presidential ballot.


So please let me know your thoughts. As you can see, I am confused and angry so help me out. Like it or hate it, just tell me about it.

And as always

Love with no shame and ask with no fear


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Same-sex marriage ban passes in North Carolina

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Equal RightsWomen should be able to work construction, work at the highest levels of government, and be married to other women.  And the same goes for dudes too.


One thing is certain.  We’re in a time when people are smarter than ever and it seems like we still have issues in politics that have to do with beliefs.  Who cares if people in same sex relationships have the ability to marry or not.  

I don’t. 

I invite those folks in same sex unions to have the same rights as I do as a heterosexual married couple.  They should enjoy every right I have…. No more… No less.

In my opinion, the only people who have issues with any of this are those with religious beliefs that are against it.  These same people want to bring religion into politics. I don’t think those two belong together.  This has to do with people having rights, not what you believe in. 

Here’s an excerpt from CNN that I came across today.

Thousands of North Carolina voters hit the polls on Tuesday to cast their ballots on a referendum that would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage, even though state law already does not permit such unions.

Amendment 1 would alter the North Carolina Constitution to say that "marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state."

Supporters argue that the amendment is needed to stop those trying to redefine marriage and to ward off possible future actions of "activist judges." It would also strengthen the state’s position against same-sex civil unions, often considered a precursor to the marriage issue.

Opponents say the measure is redundant and could result in jeopardizing domestic violence protections for women and affect couples’ health benefits.

Several municipalities in North Carolina provide benefits to same-sex couples, state officials say.

Duke University law professor Kathryn Bradley says those rights could be potentially lost if the referendum passes on Tuesday.

Concerns over the measure also home in on the potential for unintended consequences, she said, affecting issues such as child custody and the prosecution of domestic violence among unmarried couples because of the narrow definition of the new statute.

"Before domestic violence laws, we relied on criminal assault laws, which don’t always protect against things like stalking," added Bradley, who says the measure could also affect heterosexual couples.

But Sen. Dan Soucek, one of the primary sponsors of the proposed amendment, said he doesn’t "believe those are legitimate concerns."

Source:  CNN.com

Watch out homophobes, same sex marriage will be here one day!

And if the issue is with calling it “marriage” then it should be called something else but let these folks have their rights of being in a recognized union of some sort. 

I can’t imagine not giving everyone equal rights in this Country. Isn’t that what I joined the military for… to protect the freedoms and rights we have. 

Maybe I’m a little bit biased, I have a family member who is gay.  He’s been with the same dude for 20 years.  Doesn’t that count for something.  Not in some states.  They’ve been together for 20 years and neither is entitled by law the same rights I have with my wife.   They can’t be covered by the same insurance, they have legal issues if one of them gets deathly ill, and if one of them dies, forget it.   

How is that right.

Nah… I don’t think so.

Is this what’s it’s come to?  Screw everyone but your own kind.  I thought this was covered many years ago with civil rights.

Look, what you do with your life is none of my business. 

I do believe everyone should be afforded equal rights under the law regardless if you’re same sex or not.  I know that beefs up against the homophobe types, but get over yourself and look in the mirror.   

Anyway, I’m pretty amped up about it because I believe in equal rights regardless of what you call it.  I know that’s not a popular stance and I hate that the law got approved in NC.

I know there’s not much I can do but vote, which I did.  And if you’ve read this then you know where I stand. I just have a hard time believing people want to prevent others from having the same rights as I do.  It truly blows me a way. 

It is what it is.

If you’re in NC, I hope you got out and voted.  For all you folks who want to screw your fellow man, you were able to vote because of the rights and freedoms many gay and lesbian military members fought for.  Enjoy them while they last. 


In the end it looks like same-sex-couples lost this one and I hate it.  What we see here is what is wrong with our country.   

Louise Reed, also of Asheville, handed out pamphlets urging voters to support the amendment. "The Bible says marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that’s what our church believes in," Reed said.

Source:  USAToday.com

This isn’t about the Bible Louise… it’s about equal rights for all. 

Leave me your comments.  Let’s hear them.


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