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Our Latest Release and more…

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We recently released The Meaning Making Machine. It is a book designed to provide you and your loved ones an insight into why we are programmed they way we are. Yes, that’s right – Programmed. Our brains work the same way when we are growing up. We face challenges and we either overcome them or insist that they are immoveable. This information is used to build up a knowledge base that can be quite false. Further, our brains give us indications that we are right about thing we have no idea of. It is astounding that we limit our love for each other and the experiences we can have because our brains tell us not to venture into areas we don’t quite understand.

Jay wrote a great piece about the book last week Blow Through Your Persistent Problems and this week I wanted to give you a little more.

I have included a small section of the book to pique your interest:


The Human Computer

“Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind.”
Jeffrey Eugenides

One of the most interesting and yet misunderstood tools we have as human beings is our brain. It is a three pound computer that can store, access and analyze information. It takes in everything we see, feel, touch, taste and smell. It’s a magnet for information and sensory stimulation. A sponge soaking up anything it comes into contact with.

The weirdest part about it is that it’s dropped into us with nothing at all. No programming, no start up apps, no manuals, nothing. It programs itself from the moment we are born. We have no control over what it takes in, and it takes in everything. It gathers information at blazing speeds and stores every experience away as a memory or useful learning. The amount of information it can store has been calculated based upon what we know of existing computers. However the debate continues as to what the real number could possibly be. In addition, the human computer can process many items at the same time while also storing them into the memory banks.

It truly is a wonderful machine, and it is extremely useful. The brain is responsible for all of our conscious and unconscious thoughts. It is believed that we have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts each day and we are powerless to stop them from happening. Our brain is taking in and processing everything as it occurs and it does it without permission.

Consider that not all of the information being processed in our mushy, little, super computer is collected and stored as it truly is. Teaching and experience provide us knowledge that we don’t currently have or we find desirable to gain. And as we acquire this new information our brain files it away. But the storing of data is not always easy and straight forward. The brain can’t just assume that we have the material and we need nothing else. Oh no, it has to interpret the data, choose the right place to store it and look through other files to find any supporting data for the new wisdom.

And this is where it gets ugly. If a new piece a data is received and the brain misinterprets it, what happens then? Can we reassign the wisdom to a different location more to our liking? Is it stuck there forever? Can we stop the brain from doing the same thing with future items? What if we have no power at all to stop the freewheeling information flow? Our brain could turn into a memory garbage dump. One misinterpreted piece of data piled upon another. The mass of information gets deeper and deeper. And as with any computer; “Garbage in, garbage out”.

Anne Lamott wrote, “My mind is like a bad neighborhood – I try not to go there alone.” It seems apparent that we are not always in control of our brain and what it chooses to do with the knowledge and experiences we amass. Rather, the brain is in control and we have to learn to live with what it does. Or do we?

Interested? Would you like to gain control of your Meaning Making Machine? If so, I strongly suggest you get the book today and begin the process of taking back your life.

Here’s the link to purchase your copy through Amazon.com: The Meaning Making Machine

And while you’re there you might want to check out the other offering from Jay and me.

Let me know what you think and tell us about your relationship successes.

Also, we are hoping to get the first look at our new fiction authors next month. They have been working hard to finish a few new items and they look amazing so far. Stay tuned for the announcement in the next few weeks of several fiction series that we intend to offer. You will not be disappointed.

Love with no shame and ask with no fear


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