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9 Tips on How to Keep Your Woman Happy

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Beach BeautySmallAre you confused about how to keep a woman happy? The following advice on relationships will help you.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #1: Do not try to be something you are not.

Often, men think they can’t get an attractive and sexy woman being themselves so they pretend to be something they are not. A man who has confidence in himself is sexier than a man pretending to be something he is not. Ever scratched your head and wondered whenever you see unattractive men with gorgeous women? These men are confident in who they are and women find that attractive.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #2: Remember that the smallest things make a big difference.

Fill her car up with gas or buy her her favorite candies for no reason. Men often believe that they have to do big things but really, women appreciate the little things as much if not more. Another thing to remember is that women need to be appreciated. If you take your girlfriend for granted and don’t tell her how much she means to you, you could lose her.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #3: Do not stare at other women in the presence of your girlfriend.

Women automatically assume you find the woman you are looking at more attractive than you do her. Women do not get the fact that men think they need to keep looking and that it is actually a biologically related urge. Women want a man they can trust to build a family with; that is how they are made. If you stare at other women around your girlfriend, she is going to lose some respect and trust for you.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #4: Make her laugh.

Men value looks in a women the most but women often value a man’s sense of humor the most. Your girlfriend will be more likely to stick around if you make her laugh.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #5: Find a common interest with her.

Try to find something you enjoy doing together. Be interested in the things she finds fun and exciting. If she loves movies with subtitles, at least try to be interested in them. You showing interest in the things she likes shows you care about her.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #6: Take care of yourself.

Often, men think that when they have a girlfriend they can stop trying to keep themselves groomed. Women don’t value looks as much as men but women do want a man to at least try to take care of himself. That means shaving every day. Also make an effort to dress in the styles of the day. Don’t think that you can quit taking care of yourself once she is yours; otherwise, she may not stick around.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #7: Get to know her family and friends.

A woman has to be sure her man will fit in with her friends and family. Women need men to be involved with their family and their friends for the relationship to last more than a few weeks. Get to know her friends and be respectful to her parents. Women value their relationships with others and trust their friends and family when they approve or disapprove of a boyfriend. You want them to approve of you.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #8: Take her feelings into account.

Women are more sensitive then men so you need to take their feelings into account. Women have more hormones going through their body and these hormones affect their moods so stay in tune with how they feel.

How to Keep a Woman Happy Tip #9: Keep things fresh.

When you start a relationship, everything you do is new and exciting because you are experiencing it together for the first time. If you aren’t careful, though, you can get in a routine that starts to get boring. If it seems like you do the same things the same way all the time, mix it up a little bit. That will make a big difference in your relationship.

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