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How To Impress A Man – The Right Way!

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How To Impress A Man

Ok ladies… don’t get your panties in a knot after I say this but I’ve just got to set the record straight on how to impress a man.

At least from my view.

You’re about to get a man’s view on what it takes to impress a man.  It’s important you check this out because it may mean the difference between a blow your mind kind of night with great response from your dude or a fall flat on your face and you get upset because you think he is ungrateful kind of night.

You get to choose.

So, I happen to be checking out Cosmopolitan’s website because they have a section on “9 Ways To Impress Your Man”.

I went through their list.  Holy smokes… Are you friggin’ kidding me.  Those are ok but nothing to be impressed with.

Here’s the list if you’re interested.

  • Fix Him Dinner in Your Sexiest Bottoms
  • Draw Him a Steamy Bath
  • Say “Thanks”
  • Initiate a Surprise Smooch
  • Pack His Lunch
  • Stock His Kitchen
  • Give Him Man-Time
  • Make a Spotify Playlist
  • Plan a Cool Outing

Source:  Cosmopolitan.com

Ok, about the only one that would be “impressive” would be to “plan a cool outing “or “fix him dinner in your sexiest bottoms”.

Impress Your Dude

If you want to impress a dude you should consider doing things that would blow HIS mind.  Things that you normally wouldn’t do or more specifically something he doesn’t THINK you would normally do that HE wants.

What does that mean?

How about my list of ways to impress a man (Ok, this would be cool for me but you get the drift):

  • Walk around the house in your sexy underwear.
  • Watch porn together.
  • Initiate sex
  • Perform a sex act you don’t normally do but you know he would like. (Use your imagination for goodness sake.)
  • Take the sex into the garage, in public, on the back porch or anywhere you might get caught.
  • Take him to a ‘special place’ (that you know he likes) and treat him to the best night of his life.
  • Take him to a restaurant he likes to eat, even if it’s a place like Hooters.

Those are some of the ways I would suggest impressing your man.

Each of these are going to be different for each guy.  But whatever you do, don’t ask other women or take everything as gospel from a magazine.

You could ask his friend, ask another guy what they like or better yet, actually start a conversation with YOUR man and ask him the things he would love to do or see that would make a difference for him.

I know… You’re probably saying, “Jay… Really, ask him.  I can’t do that.”

Ask Him What He Wants!

Yeah, actually you can.  And I bet you get way better results than trying to figure it out on your own.

Imagine what would happen if he gets home from work.  He walks through the door and he sees you in your skimpiest, sexiest undies you own.  But not only that, stuffed in the front of your panties are two tickets to the local college football game.

I bet his face would be beaming with excitement and gratitude.  But wait there’s more… you walk up to him and let him know that went to the adult store on your way home and picked up a fantastic movie for the two of you.

Now we’re getting somewhere.  Remember, most guys are visual creatures with a primal instinct inside them that involves sex.  High heels and sexy underwear… mmmm mmmm anyday baby.

Big Smiles!

The bottom line, go ask your man what he wants.  Don’t rely on others.  Besides that, you may find him to be more inclined to please you more often.  After all, we do love to please our partners.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you enjoy most.  Otherwise, leave a question that’s eating away at your mind that you would always love to ask a guy.

Go ahead, do it now.

And then go do something with your man.


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