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Our First Book

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Today I am suspending my weekly article to shamelessly promote our first book. As promised, RLA Advisors has released their first book titled: Mancode Secrets Revealed – Relationship Advice For Women. The book has been written by Jay Simcic and edited by yours truly, who also wrote the foreword, which has been added below. In my opinion, Jay has done a wonderful job providing insight to how men act and behave. He takes a rather bold look into the male psyche and leaves nothing left to question. We encourage all of our readers to visit Amazon.com in order to purchase the Kindle version of the book for $2.99. It can be found using this link: Mancode Secrets Revealed – Relationship Advice For Women.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the book and look forward to our next release in September. I will be posting my regular scheduled article next week. Let us know your thoughts.

As always,

Love with no shame and ask with no fear



The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

Of all the instructional books and articles I have read, there is a common theme of inaccuracy. Many are books about women written by men and vice versa. A ton of articles, written by a people never having worked in the particular field of interest, but well educated. Advice has been given to pit one person against another by labeling or vilifying them. Suggestions that one group is this way so your group is that way. All in order to make us feel better about ourselves or our station in life.

And that’s fine if you wish to be satisfied with your current place in your life. But we are not! RLA Advisors is based on a principle of openness and honesty. Ask a question and we will answer. Suggest a problem and we will propose a solution.

Like it or not, we are here to provide insight to the aspects of relationships that most people won’t discuss. Love, feelings, sex, they all enter into this complex design of human nature and relationship behaviors. Powerful emotions that drive each of us to do, say or act certain ways. We are no different than our friends and neighbors, but we think and feel we are.

And why? Because we don’t want to talk about it. What will they think of me? Am I doing it right? Is this weird? If so, why does it feel so good?

So, here is my overview of our latest book in three parts: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

The Good:

This book contains accurate and precise information regarding men’s thoughts and behaviors. There is no sacred cow here. The thoughts were collected based on actual study and interviews in order to find out what happens inside men.

Men are simple creatures with basic needs. Many times what men do is falsely interpreted to mean something else. I get that. But why make it something that it isn’t?

The information contained within this book is the most poignant compilation of the what, why, where, how and when of men. Don’t make it anything it isn’t. Please!

The Bad:

Although everything here is written and designed to give women (and men) glimpses of the thoughts within men’s minds, it is possible that many will disregard it as fake. Any problem or issue has the potential to be misinterpreted if we have a lack of understanding or the solution does not fit squarely into our current base of knowledge and experience. But, how do we know when new information is accurate? We don’t unless we are open to the possibility of accepting and processing the information to ensure it is correct.

These pages contain such things but the reality exists that women will disregard them as they don’t fit into their current world of understanding. Just ponder the thought that men are simple and have a huge problem expressing how they feel and why they do certain things. If they did, we wouldn’t need this book.

As you read these thoughts, consider that the writer is opening his heart and mind to the deepest possible ideas of men and their behavior. If you can accept the honesty, the rest will be easy.

The Ugly:

And now for the dirt… Although we remain open and honest in our communication, we men, sometimes have a horrible way of expressing ourselves. And that too can create an issue in a relationship. This book is not for the faint of heart, it is not for those who find words to be offensive. And it is certainly not for those who fear the truth.

This book is raw, to the point and fearless. It is ugly in its honesty to the point of being brutally offensive. Know that now and get over it quickly, because once you discover the truth, the genie cannot be placed back into the bottle.

The profound openness is for your benefit and nothing more. If you don’t like the language, tough shit! Grow a pair and begin to enjoy your life.

Ouch! Was that a little ugly?

Enjoy the book and let know us what you think. We have enjoyed each and every one of our readers. Don’t stop now. Life is a journey, you get to choose how you want to travel it.

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