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How a Woman Should Treat Her Man

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While searching on-line I found a really great article. It was written by a woman and posted as Cyra_Ann’s Blog (see link below). Normally I tend to be very critical of women offering advice about men, but this one gets a lot of things right. Big props to her and I hope to see more from her soon.

Keeping in mind that I expected a “Train Wreck”, the blog was concise and to the point. No extra words in an attempt to look good and it covered some big points that I feel most couples should delve into. I intend to cover many of these in up coming posts, but for now, let’s cover two of the high spots.

Exploring the advice

The title is

“10 Ways How a Woman Should Treat Her Man…”

Right away I was interested. The title specifies the behavior of the woman and intimates a positive result from the man. I wanted to see this…


9. Try to never contradict or embarrass him in front of his friends, co-workers, or family. That can be very emasculating. Sometimes you might have to really bite your tongue, but you can talk to him later when you’re both alone and it’ll show that you respect him.


WOW! And thank you. I couldn’t believe a woman was suggesting this to other women. I have seen men completely embarrassed by a wife or girlfriend in this manner.  Generally, no one means for it to happen, but quick tongues in the presence of others can cause hurt feelings. With that said, guys are not off the hook by any means. Although I was pleased to see this mentioned as advice for women, men are also guilty. Rather than take sides, this is good advice no matter the gender. Being right isn’t as important as being supportive, kind and respectful to our significant others.


4. Listen first, and then talk. Let him finish what he has to say before you interrupt. Ask questions if you’re not sure about what he said.

Cyra_Ann’s Blog


Did I read this correctly? Did she really say this? So many of our relationship issues come from trying to make a point, rather than understanding one. And again, this goes for everyone. The interruption of conversation denies the actual conversation itself. Both parties are left wanting because nothing was actually discussed. Tempers flare or the conversation shuts down and rightfully so.
No one enjoys being lectured to, but meaningful, open conversation can lead to understanding and trust. Yes trust! In, an up coming post, we discuss this in greater detail, but just consider that trust is built on understanding a persons intentions. If we understand completely, we can choose to trust or distrust. Otherwise, we have to fill in the blank spaces to make a decision. But then, who do we understand? Not the one we intended to…

This is good information for everyone. I like this blog so much that I will continue its review over the next two weeks in order to cover each of the points in detail.

So, whether you like the post or not, please leave me a comment below. And if there is anything on your mind regarding how a man thinks about sex, love or relationships just ask and I or one of the staff will share our opinion.

Remember to keep the dialog going and if you don’t know…


Until next week…

Love with no shame and ask with no fear.

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Love, Live And Learn From Your Breakups

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Falling in loveXSmallBreaking up is one of the unfortunate side effects of dating.

There is going to come a point in every one’s life when they get dumped, it’s natural. But the thing about this is that if you are not learning from these relationships no matter if they are short lived or long term you are never going to grow from them. That is of course if you are using them this way.

It’s amazing how many people rather just blame the other person with silly excuses rather then taking a look at themselves.

Here is the first important thing that you should know. It takes two people to cause a breakup, and if you are continuously blaming the other person you are going to continue having these problems. There needs to come a point in your life when you take a good hard look at yourself and evaluate your past relationships.

I truly believe that every experience that we have in life whether its good or bad doesn’t come without a lesson and if you continue on without making the changes that are necessary they will continue to happen until you do. How much of that is true I don’t know it’s not a fact just a simple opinion? But think about that for a moment, and can you see that in your life based on your experiences.

There’s not a single person on this earth that wants to admit that they have a problem. It could be a large as having trust issues to as simple as wanting too shower the person with love.

What was the issue in your relationships that constantly came up? This is something that you need to sit down and think about. It’s not going to be easy especially if you have recently separated with someone that you loved, but it’s the perfect way to help you through this time.

You can find a good amount of information online about how to improve yourself. Self-help books have become increasingly more popular over the years, and it may be directly related to the fact that you can secretly order them online without any of those embarrassing moments at a store. You can find books on confidence building, improving your self esteem, learning how to trust and much more. Determine what you need and begin making the necessary changes in your life. This is all going to take time, but it’s going to be worth it.

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