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What Men Want Women To Know About Their Penis

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WARNING:  What you’re about to read may cause some people discomfort.  If nicknames for your anatomy, foul language and the truth from a man’s view about sex, love, and relationships bother you… then stop reading now. 

I’m writing this because these are topics that are rarely talked about and should be put out in the open.  These are the thoughts, ideas, and musings of men about relationships, love and sex.  With that…

What Men Want Women To KnowWhat Men Want Women To Know About Their Penis

Is it a secret? Not really, but it does seem like women want to know stuff about our ‘meat sticks’ and never ask US.

Why?  I have no friggin’ clue…

But I know they’ll go to the girlie mags or to their friends, who don’t know a darn thing about penises, and ask them.

Ladies, why don’t you just ask your man.  Or ask a friend who is a man?

Here’s the deal… We don’t control it.  It controls us.

Surprise… Surprise… Surprise!

It rises when it wants.  Cool breeze, morning sun, the sight of boobs or boob looking objects… any of them causes a rise on its own.

We can’t command it and we can’t wish it away.

Why do you think we get embarrassed when old one eye shows up to the party.

Because we can’t do anything about it but sit down and place a pillow over our lap and do our best to look natural.

There are only three ways to get it back to it’s flaccid state. 

The first is to leave it alone.  Eventually it will go back down. 

But here’s the thing, it’s part of me.  If you don’t like IT, then you don’t like ME… in a way.

The same way you want flowers, I want you to engage it from time to time without 20 minutes of conversation.

But I digress.

The second way to shrink it is conversation. In fact, conversation may be the fastest way to stop it cold.

And the third way to shrink it is the most fun.  I’ll bet you can’t guess what that is…

But it is sensitive, so be very, very careful!

Yes, ladies, it’s not a joy stick for crying out loud.  It’s a huge pleasure source that needs attention and caring.

The two things underneath it are not bean bags you can knock around. 

Be careful.

You’re welcome to look at it but it may cause it to rise.  Again, on its own.  If it does, since you engaged it then be ready to help out.  I have to take care of it enough on my own.

It’s my soap, my peter, and I’ll wash it as fast as I want to.  And we will talk about THAT in an up coming post pretty soon. 

We love when you rub it, suck it, and well… I’ll keep it at least PG-13 but you know what I mean.

Those things really get us going.  We don’t always get into the emotional mood.  We only do that for you.  Because we love you.  So next time you want to know what works for us, just ask.

Now, let’s get to specifics. 

What feels good and what doesn’t.

First, it’s not a race.  I don’t need you giving me rug burn with your hand.  You don’t need you to spit on it and you certainly don’t need to slap it on your face.

Go slow.  Don’t try to skin it like a dead deer.  And don’t be offended if I tell you what to do.

All men are different.  Your man will like things that I don’t.  So don’t be afraid to ask.  In fact, I encourage you to. 

And if you’re asking your girlfriend what her guy likes… forget it.  It’s not the same.

Besides, if you ask your man what he likes and how he wants you to work him over, you’ll be pleased greater in the long run.

But that’s just me.

I’ll leave you with those thoughts for now.

If you have specific questions that you want to know about a man’s penis then just leave a comment below.

The next topic you’ll see from me will be all about what men think about breasts (a.k.a.: boobs, tits, fun bags…)

Yep, our thoughts will be revealed.

Stay tuned till then.  In the mean time, leave me a note.

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How To Impress A Man – The Right Way!

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How To Impress A Man

Ok ladies… don’t get your panties in a knot after I say this but I’ve just got to set the record straight on how to impress a man.

At least from my view.

You’re about to get a man’s view on what it takes to impress a man.  It’s important you check this out because it may mean the difference between a blow your mind kind of night with great response from your dude or a fall flat on your face and you get upset because you think he is ungrateful kind of night.

You get to choose.

So, I happen to be checking out Cosmopolitan’s website because they have a section on “9 Ways To Impress Your Man”.

I went through their list.  Holy smokes… Are you friggin’ kidding me.  Those are ok but nothing to be impressed with.

Here’s the list if you’re interested.

  • Fix Him Dinner in Your Sexiest Bottoms
  • Draw Him a Steamy Bath
  • Say “Thanks”
  • Initiate a Surprise Smooch
  • Pack His Lunch
  • Stock His Kitchen
  • Give Him Man-Time
  • Make a Spotify Playlist
  • Plan a Cool Outing

Source:  Cosmopolitan.com

Ok, about the only one that would be “impressive” would be to “plan a cool outing “or “fix him dinner in your sexiest bottoms”.

Impress Your Dude

If you want to impress a dude you should consider doing things that would blow HIS mind.  Things that you normally wouldn’t do or more specifically something he doesn’t THINK you would normally do that HE wants.

What does that mean?

How about my list of ways to impress a man (Ok, this would be cool for me but you get the drift):

  • Walk around the house in your sexy underwear.
  • Watch porn together.
  • Initiate sex
  • Perform a sex act you don’t normally do but you know he would like. (Use your imagination for goodness sake.)
  • Take the sex into the garage, in public, on the back porch or anywhere you might get caught.
  • Take him to a ‘special place’ (that you know he likes) and treat him to the best night of his life.
  • Take him to a restaurant he likes to eat, even if it’s a place like Hooters.

Those are some of the ways I would suggest impressing your man.

Each of these are going to be different for each guy.  But whatever you do, don’t ask other women or take everything as gospel from a magazine.

You could ask his friend, ask another guy what they like or better yet, actually start a conversation with YOUR man and ask him the things he would love to do or see that would make a difference for him.

I know… You’re probably saying, “Jay… Really, ask him.  I can’t do that.”

Ask Him What He Wants!

Yeah, actually you can.  And I bet you get way better results than trying to figure it out on your own.

Imagine what would happen if he gets home from work.  He walks through the door and he sees you in your skimpiest, sexiest undies you own.  But not only that, stuffed in the front of your panties are two tickets to the local college football game.

I bet his face would be beaming with excitement and gratitude.  But wait there’s more… you walk up to him and let him know that went to the adult store on your way home and picked up a fantastic movie for the two of you.

Now we’re getting somewhere.  Remember, most guys are visual creatures with a primal instinct inside them that involves sex.  High heels and sexy underwear… mmmm mmmm anyday baby.

Big Smiles!

The bottom line, go ask your man what he wants.  Don’t rely on others.  Besides that, you may find him to be more inclined to please you more often.  After all, we do love to please our partners.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you enjoy most.  Otherwise, leave a question that’s eating away at your mind that you would always love to ask a guy.

Go ahead, do it now.

And then go do something with your man.


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5 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

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get your ex backWe all have emotions and love will be the strongest passion of them all. Consequently, when love stops,  it may possibly seem fatal. But you’ll find techniques to win back lost love. This article will look at 5 strategies to pursue when you might be trying to acquire your lover back again.

Initially, you may need to be honest to your self and to each other. If there were underlying troubles in your relationship, it really is vital that you just address them. For instance, if housework was a large issue, you may need to address it before you’ll be able to get together again. In case you are messy and your ex was a neat freak, it can lead to a considerable amount of stress within the relationship. If 1 man or woman felt they were doing all the housework, it can trigger a strain. Finances are an additional area exactly where there could be strain. To win back lost love, you could address these areas before you get back together.

Next, you should be a dependable person. If the break up happened already, you’ll need to be dependable even through you are separated. If your ex asks you to be somewhere, get there early even though you no longer have a “responsibility”. For instance, if she’s moving, lend a helping hand and your truck or car. If he wants somebody to review his resume, do it for him.

Third, encourage your ex. One of the factors men and women miss when they break up could be the encouragement their partner gives them. So, to win lost love again, try to discover exactly where they’re discouraged and cheer them up. If they’re having a performance review at work, send an email timed just right to get them in a good mood prior to the meeting. If they’re singing a solo at church, show up to give them some moral support.

Fourth, listen to them when they call. Most people, after a break up, keep some level of communication. Usually, this degenerates into fights. But, in case you genuinely listen to the items your ex is telling you, you might be able to figure out a way to acquire respect and friendship into their lives. Encourage them to share their troubles with you. Really do not try to solve them. Just let them express their concerns with existence. Be a sounding board.

Fifth, do not sit around the sidelines. Existence is meant to be played on the playing field. You have to be the quaternary of your own life. Do not give up the relationship unless you’re ready to move on. These things aren’t going to get better on their own. You’ve got to go out and do something, no matter what.

In case you want to win love back, you’ve got to take this 5 part action guide to heart. You might have to become proactive.

The most significant thing is to genuinely care about your ex and to show him or her that you just do care. You shouldn’t be worried if they date other folks.  Set them free, and if you’re right for them, they will be back.

You need to know that it’s feasible to win back lost love. Now go out there and do it!

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Saving A Relationship – 3 Ways To Make Your Relationship Work

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If you have looked online for love relationship advice you have probably come across some really bad ideas. Sometimes some even pretty good ideas actually miss the point. While it may be fine to bring your partner flowers or swoop them off for a weekend retreat, the real point of a relationship is the develop an intimate connection together, not see how many trips you can go on. The good news is that you can still begin right now working on your relationship, and the solutions frequently do not even cost a dime.

3 Pieces of Love Relationship Advice that Work

Begin with Respect – While there are many elements necessary to build and maintain a good, strong relationship, you must realize that without respect, you really do not have much of a relationship to save. Sometimes, when you spend so much time with a person, you forget to afford each other the simple respect that you would give to any stranger.

How do you fix this? Simply put, behave differently. A good way to help retrain yourself is to think of someone who you respect so much that they even intimidate you a little. Then when you are speaking with your partner do not say anything to them that you would not say to the person whom you admire. One stupid statement can be the beginning of the end, so be careful.

Offer Your Support – If you really respect each other, then you will naturally support each other. When your partner is excited about something, share in the excitement. As they share their dreams and goals with you, offer them positive support, and help them where you can.

If your partner asks you to look critically at what they are doing and offer your opinion, then feel free to do so, but only in a constructive way. So it is fine to find a flaw with their plan as long as you can justify your thoughts. So be thoughtful before you voice your opinion, and if you are not sure what you think, just support them in their efforts.

Pick your Battles – Of course there are going to be times that your partner gets on your nerves, and there are going to be things that you do that get on their nerves, but guess what? You are probably bugging them right back. You do not want to nag your partner or always be negative. Instead, learn to be tolerant.

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been in the same one for years, some things will never change. You will always need to be a little tolerant, show your support and respect your mate for a relationship to work well. So as you are looking for good love relationship advice you may want to simply listen to your own common sense instead.

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Save This Marriage Using 4 Simple Strategies

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Save This Marriage Using 4 Simple Strategies

While saving a marriage may not be impossible, it is really hard to do it by yourself. When your spouse has one foot out the door, it may seem like any chance of rescuing your relationship is over. If you just maintain a cool head, you will give yourself a chance to find some options to offer your spouse for rethinking their position. By using these strategies, you may be able to bring your spouse around to your way of thinking, and that may be all it takes to redirect your energy as a couple in a positive direction.

The Elements Needed to Save a Marriage

Act As If – Many studies have been conducted which show that how we act actually dictates how we feel. If you feel sad, and you make yourself take a posture of being happy, you will begin to actually feel happy. So if you act like you are a happy couple, you will begin to feel like a happy couple. That does not mean that all of your problems will simply melt away, but it does mean that you are stacking the deck in your favor to help you both remember why you fell in love in the first place. Being happy causes you to remember the good times, and that continues the blissful cycle.

Be Patient – You may want your spouse to behave differently or join you in counseling. If they are not ready to try these things just yet, do not hound them. Begging and threatening are much more apt to cause additional problems rather than fix anything. Ask gently, and ask often. Try not to judge your spouse because they do not move at the same pace that you do. They are processing the problems that you are having as a couple, and maybe what they need for a fix is not what you need for a fix. If you are both genuinely trying to save your marriage, then give them the space to come to their own decisions. Respect their boundaries and keep offering them the opportunity to try new things or to join you in counseling.

Deal with the Issues – If your spouse was at the brink of leaving, then your marriage has problems. So just because he is staying, do not pretend that the problems do not exist. If you do, you will simply be watching them leave another day. Take this opportunity to find out where the problems are in your relationship and fix them. There are a myriad of problems that drive people apart, but if you both genuinely want to work out whatever the problem for your relationship is, you will find a way. If you find that you are stuck, then enlist the help of a counselor. Otherwise, listen to each other, and if you put each other’s needs in front of your own, you may naturally find your fix.

Maintenance – Just because you are having problems in your marriage does not mean that the world stops. You still have a family to care for, work to attend to and other obligations that are outstanding. So it is really to get beaten down when you are dealing with marital problems. Make sure that you look after yourself, so that you have the mental acuity and energy to deal with everything on your plate. You need to eat, sleep and exercise so that you are healthy and can relieve any built up stress. By taking care of your needs, you will be able to solve your problems more effectively as well.

Once your spouse has thrown in the towel on your marriage, it can be difficult to turn things around, but it is possible to do. Try to stay positive and calm, and let your spouse know that you want to try to repair your relationship. By offering some room for your spouse to express their frustrations, it is possible to save a marriage. You may need to enlist the help of a professional, or you my find your way back to happiness on your own. The important thing is that you try.

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