Relationship Advice For Women Five Tips For Avoiding Heartache

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Relationship advice is everywhere.  There is definitely no shortage of it in sight. Where there seems to be a lack of advice is around how to avoid bad relationship from the beginning.  The first thing you need to do is identify a few things for yourself.  Here is the short list.

Know Your Type

What type of man do you want to attract.  Most women spend their time getting ready, primping themselves up, and working on the right now.  What they should be doing is identifying what type of man they want. I’m certainly not talking about the fantasy type things (tall, dark, and handsome).  What I’m talking about are attitude, does he want kids, are you looking for someone who is mature.  What traits are important to you.  Think about them and write them down.

The one thing to watch out for are contradictions in what you are looking for in you man.  For instance, if you want someone who is strong and silent you should get upset if the one you found doesn’t share his feelings very often.  Take a close look at the traits you want in a man and make sure they don’t conflict.

Establish Your Limits

Limits or boundaries are typically known to most people as “deal breakers”.  These will be your guidelines for knowing that a man is not right for you.  As an example, if he were ever to physically abuse you, have a criminal background, or have any sort of addiction, that might be a sign for you to hit the road and don’t look back.  These will be your hard limits that you will not cross.  I’ts important to have them.

The one thing you must do is uncover what your boundaries are before you get involved with someone.  Once you’re involved you may find it hard to implement your limit because other emotions are too high.  The easiest way to do it is to set those limits early.

One thing you can do to improve your success around deal breakers is to let a friend know.  And to ask her to hold you accountable to those deal breakers.  Sometimes you might get blinded by love and not see as clearly as you should.  Having a friend to remind you and point things out could help in the long run.  Ultimately you have to make the decision.

Learn The Signs Of Your Ant-Man

Keep track of how men treat you.  Watch to see what behavior is exhibited when he does certain things.  Watch for patterns.  These will be your early detection system if something is wrong.  You should be interested in the signs of an alcholic, someone who abuses women, someone who cheats, and those bad boy traits.  You want to know what you’re getting into and see the signs early so you can get out if you have to.

It’s not rocket science.  And you don’t have to stay and help every man.  What you can do is help him get help if he needs it.  That way you don’t abandon him.  There are ways to handle everything.  You just need to find the best way.

Listen To Your Gut

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  If something is nagging you about a situation or a certain man, maybe you should listen to the nag.  It’s usually your brain trying to give you a clue about something.  If nothing else talk to a guy friend or a girl friend about what’s giving you the sensation.  You might be able to talk about exactly what is nagging you and then work on it or address it.  What ever you do, don’t ignore it.

Watch Out For Love At First Sight

Yes, its possible to meet someone and just know.  But don’t accept it for face value.  You still need to learn who this person is.  You still need to find out if you’re a match long term.  You still need to learn each other’s quirks.

Whatever you do, take your time.  Love is something that is cultivated and made better with time.  The key is having conversations, watching out for what’s right for you.  And knowing that you have your best interest at heart.

Take the time to get clear on the things I’ve mentioned above.  You’ll find that you get better results with the men you choose and you’ll be more prepared to handle situations that come up.

Love… to infinity and beyond.


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