Yielding Your Relationship

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Listen.Do you always think you have the right of way? 

Do you have rules for your right of way? 

Here is an excerpt from Seth Godin’s blog.  Seth is a highly respected Marketer and Author.  His blog is highly insightful for many in business.  And when I came across this post I thought about how perfect it was for relationships too.  Check it out…

The rules of right of way make sense.

A maneuverable motor boat yields to a sailboat because it can more easily recover from the turn.

A bicyclist going downhill yields to one struggling uphill, because he can get back up to speed more quickly.

The senior partner invests a little bit of time helping the junior one, because no one else has the skills to do so, not because reciprocation is the goal.

Asymmetrical trades are what makes a society work.

Yield has two meanings, and one leads to the other.

Source:  Seth Godin

Now I’m going to ask you to take on having a breakthrough in your relationship by yielding.  Yield.  Listen.  Don’t judge.  Avoid worrying about how you’re going to respond. Instead listen to your partner.  Listen for what is important to him about the discussion. 

After you’ve done this I want you to come back to the blog and tell me how it’s working for you.  Tell me what worked and what didn’t.  Let’s go to work on your relationship.  Even the biggest problems can be solved with authentic, unencumbered conversations.

Love… to infinity and beyond.



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