Tiger Woods Cheating…What’s Next

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I’m sure you’ve been watching the news and know that the Best Golfer In The World, Tiger Woods has cheated on his wife…  With that being said, I have to imagine that he’s scrambling right now to save this marriage with his wife.

Anyway, as I was sitting here… I was wondering what your thoughts are on the situation.  So I’ve put up a poll to get your opinion.

Save This Marriage Or Not?

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Ok, now for my opinion.

If Tiger and his wife are truly in love with each other they should do everything they can to work out their problems.  I understand he cheated so she may not have a problem other than that… but I believe they need to get to the root cause.

There are known addictions out there, like sex addition and alcoholism, that can consume someone beyond their control.  And with those types of issues they need to seek professional help.

I believe in family and love and while Tiger cheated it may not be because he doesn’t love his wife.  It could be because he suffers with an addiction problem he is having a hard time controlling.

While it’s none of our business what goes on in his family life it is hard not to follow the media coverage.  Let me know what you think and only time will tell if he can save this marriage or if it will go up in smoke.

Have passion.

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